Our Vision

Volunteer Here envisions to embed a way of life where volunteering and being a change maker enriches the experience of one’s life by touching another life through various educational, social and ecological initiatives.


Our Mission

To inspire and connect our communities to a rich and rewarding volunteering experience and there by powering the social sector to chose from a skilled talent pool.


Our Values

Humanity before vanity – We are not to judge nor to choose, we pledge to care for all.

Necessity before growth – We dream not of advancement but of every living being to have the basic necessities in place.

Nature before convenience – We strive to preserve the eco system gifted to us, not harm it for selfish causes.

Everyone before One – We treat each life equal and aim to bridge the gap just as nature treats all life forms without bias.

Transparency before uncertainity – We pledge to give complete visibility and leave no room for cynicism.